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The concept of modernity in the kitchen is often associated, in a somewhat forced way, with simplification: however, as demonstrated by Arclinea, the reference brand in the furniture of this domestic environment, the presence of cleaner and more essential lines and shapes only represents the frame of a space that in recent decades has become increasingly hybrid and open to different ways of everyday life, welcoming more moments of sharing and freeing itself from the idea of a place that was used only for preparing food.

Arclinea kitchens are modern because a design that is certainly simpler, at least at first glance, is accompanied by a myriad of technical choices that aim to make life easier for those who live in this environment every day and generate harmony through the combination of colors, materials and finishes.

Behind this approach there is a continuous and precise research that looks at the most advanced technologies and discreet ways of integrating them into the furnishing elements.


The Arclinea Collection contains the flagship models of the Italian brand, designed by some of the best designers around.

Although enriched with different characteristics, these products are actually united by the common thread of evolution, as each kitchen somehow integrates elements of the previous line and tries to enrich them, offering new uses and new applications.

Convivium is the Arclinea kitchen that perfectly demonstrates the idea of sharing that is associated with this domestic space today, designed to be able to renew the ritual of being together every day.

In addition to sharing stories and emotions, however, the kitchen must also be able to contain and make the most operational phases easier, which is why Convivium manages to combine these various functions thanks to a large table-island, a meeting point of the environment, which is then flanked by the work surface and is surrounded by furniture dedicated to the storage of tools and characterized by a sober and elegant design.

Designed by Antonio Citterio, Thea starts from the same concept which today considers two distinct areas within the kitchen, trying to integrate them harmoniously within bordering spaces. The Show Kitchen, i.e. the most convivial environment, and the Wet Kitchen, devoted to operations, coexist inside Thea, separated by a wall in black NTF ash which integrates the door of the new Frame System which allows you to pass from one area to another.

The Frame ceiling door system, as well as the refrigerated cellars belonging to the Winery Collection, the equipment that can be placed between the top and the wall units or the extraction systems are components that are also found in other models of the Arclinea Collection, from Lignum et Lapis to Principia: depending on the space available and your needs, you can combine them to get your ideal kitchen.


Choosing the excellence of Arclinea kitchens also means opting for top quality materials, which the brand has researched and selected both for their aesthetic aspect and for their functional character.

Perfect examples of this philosophy are represented by the stainless steel used in the Thea kitchen, and colored in black with PVD technology to create a more harmonious combination with the opaque veined quartz of the Waterfall top, but also the exclusive combination of stone, steel and wood that coexists in Lignum et Lapis: the warmth of the wall-boiserie, the sense of resistance offered by stainless steel or a sculpture island in white Carrara marble generate a perfect mix of elegance and modernity, making an environment with a multifaceted character welcoming .

Flexibility, elegance and simplicity are certainly the keys to the design choices made by Arclinea to make contemporary projects available to its customers, always able to evolve and at the same time with a strong personality. To explore all the possibilities, visit the showroom in via Boccaccio 11, Milan.


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