Projects that last over time, developed in compliance with all the complexity needed to combine technology and functionality, formal experimentation and spatial organization.

These are the goals of Arclinea, which for years has been working together with Antonio Citterio to recover the great Italian tradition, always with an eye to the future and innovation. Arclinea expresses its authentic identity by combining the intrinsic values of the architecture to be lived in with those of the cooking space.


The success of Maxalto lies in the perfect synthesis between industrial production and artisan quality, all in that "made in Italy" known for the timeless elegance to distinguish it. The complex processes and the use of precious materials give memorable details, while iconic pieces and modern reinterpretations create environments with an unique and refined style.

From the collaboration with Afra and Tobia Scarpa to Antonio Citterio, Maxalto is the reference point in interior design decoration.

Arclinea & Maxalto Showroom

Immersed in the eighteenth-century elegance of the historic Via Boccaccio, in one of the most elegant historic districts of the city, the new Milanese showroom offers a splendid display for Arclinea and Maxalto collections.

The environments reflect the world of contemporary living, in which the fluidity of the spaces welcomes the timeless elegance of the collections, recreating bourgeois domestic environments with a refined taste.


Arclinea Collection









Maxalto Collection

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