The passion for wine has grown extremely broad in recent years, reaching an increasingly wider and more diverse audience. This greater diffusion has inevitably also influenced the domestic environment, given the attention given by customers to conserving wine at home.

The solutions that respond to this need, however, must integrate with the surrounding furniture, thus combining functionality and design: this is why Arclinea has designed a Winery Collection made up of several elements that can be used individually or combined with each other to create customized configurations for storage of its wines.

The strength of the furniture that is part of the Arclinea Winery Collection, from Vina to Madia, is the ability to integrate perfectly with the environment in which it is placed, thanks also to the versatility of the various elements and the attention to aesthetics, which is at the same time modern and elegant.

Depending on the available spaces and your preferences, it is possible to place the elements of the Winery Collection in the kitchen, in a cellar or even in the living room, where in addition to being stored the bottles can also be put on display for your guests, adding a touch of elegance to the environment.

How the elements of Winery from Arclinea can be integrated into environments

The wide range of finishes and sizes available of the Arclinea Winery Collection is one of the strong points of this series, designed to combine design and functionality to meet the most varied needs.

Precisely the characteristics of the home environment and the customer's needs are the starting point for understanding which furniture to focus on and how to arrange them, without forgetting that the collection also allows the various elements to be integrated into a wall, in a discreet and elegant way.

Thus, furniture such as Vina or Vina Epicure can, for example, be placed in the kitchen for a wine storage area that allows you to keep bottles always within reach, further embellished with details such as internal LED lighting or a controlled cooling and humidification.

There is no shortage of more sophisticated solutions, for those who are looking for them: Vina & container allows the storage of wine and other objects, thus presenting itself as an interesting option for the living room, perhaps to create a corner dedicated to tasting in which to also store glasses or other accessories.

There are so many solutions and each one is characterized by an elegant design, top quality materials such as solid wood or stainless steel and advanced technologies that allow you to preserve and enhance all the qualities of the wines during aging.

Arclinea Winery Collection is the connecting point between the wine world and the home environment, ideal for those who cultivate a passion for wines: with a consultation within the showroom in via Boccaccio 11, Milan it will be possible to find the best solutions even thanks to the suggestions of a team of professionals with decades of experience, to preserve and proudly display their best labels to guests.


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