Not just food preparation: the modern kitchen is an increasingly hybrid place and open to the rest of the house, thanks to an innovative concept that tends to eliminate the rigid distinctions between the past typical domestic environments. In other words, those who today dedicate themselves to operational activities, from cutting to cooking ingredients, are able at the same time to spend time together with their family or guests.

To meet this evolution that combines the executive aspect with the more convivial one, Arclinea has first of all tried to offer its customers kitchens with the right spaces. For this purpose, the company's worktops and tables try to respond to the most varied needs of the contemporary audience, presenting themselves as both functional and aesthetically appreciable solutions.

Customization is also one of the key points for Arclinea, which wanted to develop an extremely varied offer, which makes it possible to integrate snack tops and tables with various models in the collection, whether they are wall-mounted projects or equipped with island and peninsula, to guarantee the maximum range of flexibility.

Elevate your kitchen design with Arclinea tables and worktops

Arclinea tables and snack tops are naturally designed with both functionality and design in mind, an approach that allows the brand to develop proposals capable of combining with different types of kitchens while always remaining in harmony with the surrounding furnishings.

This is the case, for example, of Era System, a line of worktops and tables available in different types of wood which, thanks to exclusive hooking systems, can be integrated into the operational bases of various kitchens: in this way, any model will be possible to customize your wall, island or peninsula composition with an area dedicated to conviviality that responds perfectly to your needs.

All the solutions proposed by Arclinea are designed with the aim of enriching the brand's collections and adding a touch of style and elegance to an already highly favored design, allowing customers to give shape to original and unique projects.

Functionality and aesthetics perfectly integrated: Arclinea worktops and tables

Each Arclinea table and worktop is the result of the perfect combination of design and functionality, with details capable of enhancing aesthetics and essential attention to the most practical aspect, to ensure that each element is able to simplify operations of those who use the kitchen every day.

It is for this purpose, for example, that the Arclinea Specialty hob is available with or without a socket, equipped or without a pan support grid. Similarly, Era System also allows you to manage the placement of snack tops and tables in complete freedom, opting for example for a beam, supportive snack table, for a classic linear table or even a peninsula.

The guide from SAG'80 professionals, which you can find by visiting the showroom in via Boccaccio 11, Milan, will help you evaluate the characteristics of the spaces available to you and choose the option that best suits your idea of a kitchen.


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