Materials and technologies can be considered the foundations, essential starting points for the creation of a kitchen. This is what the name already suggests: Principia by Arclinea, a project by Antonio Citterio that starts right from the basic principles to arrive at shaping a modern kitchen, evolving but above all surprising for the extraordinary balance given by the dialogue of its components.

The challenge faced by designer Citterio, one of Arclinea's most historic collaborators, was to combine materials that may appear to be irreconcilable, such as wood, typically able to "warm up" the environment with its colors and its nuances, and steel, considered synonymous with essentiality and functionality.

The final result is extremely harmonious thanks to the new technologies used and original combinations, which are able to bring the tradition of Arclinea, always based on quality, into the contemporary world.


The collaboration that has been uniting Arclinea and Antonio Citterio for over 30 years has led to the birth of various collections that have become iconic, including no doubt the Principia kitchen.

As in other cases, the strength of Citterio lies in the ability to review the concepts of traditional cuisine, maintaining their essence but adding an essential touch of modernity, choosing for example to use a new natural cut of wood and to combine it with stainless steel which thanks to the most advanced technologies can now be declined in warmer chrome, which make the environment even more welcoming.

Principia by Arclinea is a kitchen that combines old and new, in which the contemporary aesthetic approach goes hand in hand with the recognition of the importance of functionality, through a rational division of spaces that helps to better enjoy the environment in everyday life, both alone or in the company of guests.


There are many aspects that make Principia by Arclinea a unique kitchen, whether it's materials, colours, design or handcrafted details.

Antonio Citterio's project is in fact presented as an extraordinary synthesis between a more modern approach and traditional principles which, although partially used, represent a solid starting point for the designer.

Citterio's aim was to create a kitchen suitable for the new modern and metropolitan context, without ever forgetting the attention to quality craftsmanship that has always distinguished Arclinea and above all without neglecting the needs of those who live there every day.

The atmosphere of Principia is warm and welcoming thanks to the combination of exclusive materials: the wooden framed door interacts with black colored steel through a technological process called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), which uses the evaporation of titanium to give this material new original chrome plating. This type of finish, present for example in the Convivium kitchen: doors of the island and the double shelf, still combines with the Nero Assoluto polished granite of the worktops with overflow in the operating areas and the glass of the wall unit doors.

In addition to the design, Citterio has also thought carefully about the more concrete and functional side of the kitchen, designing an original layout that has as its fulcrum the central island equipped with an Era snack top, around which a corner solution develops that concentrates contained the operating area, the equipped back panel, glass wall units and a wall dedicated to containing tools and equipment.

To fully experience the Arclinea atmosphere, there is no better solution than a visit to our showroom in via Boccaccio 11, Milan to touch the quality and contemporaneity of a company destined to always remain up-to-date.


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