Classic and modern represent two concepts that are opposed only in appearance, which in reality can dialogue with each other and, indeed, enhance each other, as demonstrated by the almost fifty-year experience of Maxalto, which since 1975 has worked wisely to combine tradition and innovation in its products. .

One of the major turning points in the history of the brand is represented by the beginning of the bond with Antonio Citterio, the architect who since 1993 has pushed the company to take the path of modernity, without ever giving up the attention to the craftsmanship that has distinguished it from the very beginning.

Thanks to Citterio Maxalto it gradually establishes itself as a point of reference in the production of so-called modern neo-classics, through collections that see more traditional shapes and geometries revisited in a modern key and which, as required by the contemporary home environment, makes functionality and comfort important.

The result of this philosophy is perfectly reflected by the collections of modern and quality sofas, among which Aurae stands out, made perfect for any type of environment thanks to a combination of craftsmanship and timeless elegance, embellished with a wide range of choices for which concerns fabrics and colors.


Aurae by Maxalto is one of the many collections born from the mind of Antonio Citterio and boasts an extremely clean and immediately recognizable design, thanks to the precision of its lines that is delicately dampened by the softness of the padding, professionally made with cold-foamed polyurethane technology.

The choice to raise the volumes from the ground gives the series a pleasant sense of lightness, which is combined with the great elegance given instead by the profile stitching and other fine sartorial details, to highlight all of Maxalto's passion for the pursuit of quality.


Depending on the tastes and the type of environment in which you choose to place it, Aurae Maxalto can be chosen with removable fabric cover, with eco-leather options, or in leather with stitching.

For each of these solutions, dozens of color options are available for both fabrics and leathers, while the list of colors to choose from for the finishes is slightly more restricted, with the possibility of ranging from the eco-leather profile, rope or dark brown, up to graphite painted or bronzed nickel, naturally taking into account the shades already present in the surrounding space.


The proposal at the same time classic and contemporary offered by Aurae Maxalto means that this series of sofas can be elegantly adapted to any environment, thanks to the possibility of “playing” with different materials.

Even the dimensions of this collection are anything but an obstacle: Aurae was also designed in the name of flexibility, since its linear seats are available in five different sizes, all with an important depth that guarantees maximum comfort. regardless of the preferred option.


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