Project is a keyword in Arclinea's philosophy: within this term, in fact, the whole approach that the Caldogno company uses in the creation of its design kitchens is contained.

By nature, a project cannot ignore the evaluation of every possible aspect, in order to guarantee not only the realization of an idea, but also its duration over time: in the same way, Arclinea kitchens are born only at the end of a journey through complexity, necessary to ensure that the final product is able to reconcile aesthetics, technique, functionality and innovation, that is the only way for its quality to last over time.

However, each Arclinea project is also open to innovation, to intercept and anticipate the evolutions of the cooking spaces that take place over the years: hence the desire to produce elements that can be combined in different ways according to needs.


Arclinea kitchens are born as real architectures to live in, but are further enhanced not only by the shapes and materials chosen, but also by the countless tools and accessories that the company makes available to enrich and complete these systems in the most transversal way possible. .

They range from worktops available in both smooth and recessed versions, to different types, always highly customizable, of drawers and panels designed to living objects of different sizes and volumes inside, as well as designed for different uses.

Aware of the new priorities, linked to sustainability and environmental impact, Arclinea also offers various solutions for the differentiation of waste, able to adapt to different spaces without affecting their functionality.

There are also many proposals for furnishing the space between the worktops and the kitchen wall units, which allow you to keep the most important accessories accessible at hand. Among these, the Mensolinea multifunction bar stands out, available in different finishes and equipped with 3000K LED lighting, electrical sockets and integrated ladle holder bar, or the accessory bar that enhances the mix of wood and ceramic with an LED light.


Ma cosa pensano i clienti che scelgono i prodotti Arclinea? Quello fatto da qualità e durevolezza è il binomio che caratterizza la maggior parte delle esperienze: chi ha acquistato una cucina Arclinea 10, 15 o 20 anni fa rimane impressionato dalla solidità dei vari elementi e dalla poca necessità di intervenire con eventuali riparazioni.

But what do the customers who choose Arclinea products think? That made up of quality and durability is the combination that characterizes most of the experiences: those who bought an Arclinea kitchen 10, 15 or 20 years ago are impressed by the solidity of the various elements and by the little need to intervene with any repairs.

Thanks to the ability to compose projects according to your tastes, with elements that can be transferred from one kitchen to another, even the designs of Arclinea kitchens are able to withstand over time and always remain current, as do the fine finishes. In other words, elegance and functionality represent values that never go out of fashion, perfectly in line with the company philosophy.


Materials represent a fundamental component for Arclinea, an integral part of the unique character of every kitchen.

In particular, then, steel has an almost historical value due to its link with the history of the company: it was precisely stainless steel that allowed Arclinea and the designer Antonio Citterio to change the concept of kitchen through the launch of Italia, dating back to 1988, a collection that boasted more relevant and larger layers, to anticipate an evolution of this domestic space that has become increasingly clear over the years.

Steel itself, however, also represents for Arclinea the changing times and technological innovation: starting from 2014, this material is also colored thanks to a special technology called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), which in addition to further increasing its resistance it allows to obtain warm shades to meet every possible aesthetic taste.


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