Being together, loving, experimenting, preparing and talking about each other. For some time now, the kitchen has no longer been a place of "isolation", reserved only for those with culinary skills or used only for lunch and dinner. The public is increasingly looking for a space that is open, in which more concrete operations, such as cooking, are combined with moments of pleasure and sharing.

This is the philosophy behind Arclinea's Convivium, a kitchen in which organization and emotions are not two opposites, but two aspects that can coexist and make the experience of those who live in this environment complete. The high functionality of all the elements as well as the choice of materials are designed with the aim of creating a unique, contemporary atmosphere but at the same time perfect for stimulating the sharing of stories or memories, in an extremely welcoming atmosphere.


Convivium by Arclinea was created to be the natural continuation of the living area and other domestic environments, wanting to be connected in the name of a fluidity that is increasingly important for the modern home.

The central island, which can also be used as a support, undoubtedly represents the heart of the entire project, from every point of view. In addition to allowing you to organize crockery, utensils and much more with the shelves arranged along the perimeter of the island itself, it represents the fulcrum around which to gather both for the preparation of dishes and for sharing more social moments.

To add further storage capacity, then, there is a wall completely dedicated to the storage of food or tools, divided by two equipped compartments elegantly hidden by retractable doors, which make up the New Pocket System by Arclinea. In these spaces, which in the Convivium version with integrated snack top are instead incorporated into the functional wall, it will be possible to cook in the oven or wash the dishes, without ever leaving the heart of your kitchen.


At first glance, Convivium is also surprising for the harmonious coexistence of colors and materials, wisely chosen to create a welcoming atmosphere, which invites sharing.

In fact, only in the central island is the bronze PVD stainless steel of the doors and the Calacatta marble coexist with which the recess of the worktop is created, a combination that enhances the masterful use of wood, present in the NTF smoked oak or fossil oak version. NTF for the Era table or integrated snack top, but also in the drawers, in the cutting board or in the doors that enclose the equipped compartments.

Arclinea tends to make Convivium unique and original also through a series of details, such as the use of vintage stainless steel, a finish that adds warmth to the material, tying it perfectly with the elegance of the wood, or the many options available for the  doors of Convivium new professional or Convivium elegant, among which the Laccato, Fenix ​​NTM® versions in 8 colors or with vertical veins in Teak NTF essence stand out.


Among the most popular versions of Convivium by Arclinea are those with a snack top or table integrated directly into the island, precisely to combine the operational aspect and conviviality even more.

With its largeness, the table appears as the logical continuation of the alongside operational top, that is the place to eat all together, sharing the results of the preparations made a few meters away, where the scents released by food processing still reign that Convivium invites you to live in company.

On the other hand, the snack top is the ideal solution for those who do not want to give up conviviality even for consuming snacks more quickly, or for those who love to share the culinary operations with their guests, perhaps while the latter are sipping a glass of wine while waiting for the meal.Finally, this is the most suitable option to make the most of smaller spaces, but to understand which is the perfect solution for your needs, all you have to do is look at all the possible configurations of Convivium in our showroom in via Boccaccio 11, Milan.


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