Two kitchens in one, conceptually separate from each other but without giving up the continuity between different areas. We are talking about the Wet Kitchen and the Show Kitchen, perfectly synthesized within Thea, the kitchen designed by Antonio Citterio for Arclinea that coherently brings together in a single project the most operational and the most convivial parts.

These are two equally important souls that must know how to coexist in the modern kitchen, which is no longer solely dedicated to preparing food, perhaps alone, but must offer opportunities for meeting and sharing with other people, without them having to isolate themselves, even just temporarily, in a separate environment.

In addition to functionality, Thea also focuses on design flexibility, thanks to the possibility of choosing from the most varied configurations, which allow you to adapt the kitchen to your aesthetic needs and the spaces available, without ever losing the nature.


Thea's roots lie in the centuries-old tradition of Arclinea, since this was precisely the name chosen by the company in 1958 to launch its first modular kitchen made entirely of natural wood, ushering in the trend that would lead the brand to increasingly introduce nature in the kitchen, in every possible nuance.

The kitchen designed by Antonio Citterio, on the other hand, and presented by Arclinea in 2021, is real domestic architecture created in the name of ergonomics and a contemporary lifestyle. Hence the decision by Citterio to focus on essentiality and practicality, as can be seen for example also from the absence of handles, clearly separating the Wet Kitchen, dedicated to operations, from the Show Kitchen, the part designed to welcome and entertain guests, perhaps sharing an aperitif or a glass of wine with them.

The result is an elegant and accessible environment, in which it becomes even simpler and easier to live every day and carry out all the typical operations of the kitchen.


Thea's search for simplicity translates concretely into the snack-island, characterized by an extremely clean design, devoid of handles: this is the element that represents the heart of the Show Kitchen, enhanced by the design of the Waterfall top in opaque veined quartz and by combinations that make the environment warmer, for example thanks to the dialogue between the island and the double sideboard with interiors in NTF fossil oak wood.

It is a wall in black ash wood that separates the area dedicated to conviviality from the operational one, i.e. the Wet Kitchen, a functional and fully equipped area, which does not, however, neglect the livability of the spaces, essential for moving freely and being relaxed.

The three sides along which this area develops have the oven and the central cooking area as their base, with a double sink arranged on the sides.

On an aesthetic level, also in this case the balanced elegance of Thea is guaranteed by a skilful combination of shades and materials, such as the Gola Profile in black anodized aluminum which contrasts with the white Fenix NTM® doors, or the combination of veined quartz opaque of the equipped backrest and its own profile in integrated stainless steel.

Beyond the characteristics, Thea is first of all represented by the concept of flexibility, given the numerous compositional solutions available to the public: to evaluate all the options and understand how to choose the best one for your needs, all that remains is to be guided by the experience of our designers.


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