When designing Arclinea kitchens, the choice of materials is considered a fundamental phase, inevitably linked to the soul of the product itself.

For a company that nurtures a passion for projects capable of combining innovation, aesthetics and functionality, steel could only become the absolute protagonist of various extremely popular collections.

The resistance and elegance of this material lend themselves to the creation of kitchens that are as simple and comfortable to use as they are able to last over time while maintaining the same quality of the elements.


An essential feature of Arclinea projects is openness to change and evolution, in line with the changing needs of customers who require flexibility to be able to shape a kitchen that always satisfies the needs of those who live there.

Within this context, which therefore favors open systems made up of elements that can also be transferred between the different models, Arclinea is always careful to find the perfect balance between technical precision and functionality, a job that is aimed at guaranteeing the durability of the kitchen itself .

It is precisely in this context that the masterful use that the company makes of steel fits in, a material brought to the ahead by Arclinea starting in 1988, when the then initial collaboration with Antonio Citterio led to the development of the Italia kitchen which, with larger tops and stainless steel that invited to give greater importance to this domestic space, it anticipated the rediscovery of the passion for the culinary world that would lead one of the main transformations of the modern home.

Steel therefore means functionality but also design and contemporaneity, especially for a company that has embraced some crucial technological innovations, such as Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD, which through the evaporation of titanium molecules is able to make steel more resistant and to give it new colors, which enrich the range of aesthetic solutions available to the public.


Arclinea kitchens in steel are designed to meet the most varied needs: among the company's proposed collections you can find ideal solutions for small or large spaces, without forgetting that the possibility of choosing between elements compatible with multiple models is the key to shaping a customized environment.

Gamma by Arclinea, for example, concentrates the work area of the kitchen in an essential and functional way in a single linear surface that allows you to have the most important instruments close at hand. A simplicity that however does not generate detachment, thanks to the wide choice of finishes that make the whole environment warmer and more welcoming.

Typical expressions of the modern concept of the kitchen, Convivium and Lignum et Lapis by Arclinea instead allow all the main functions of this environment to be brought together in a small space, i.e. preparing, containing and sharing.

The closeness of worktops, islands, shelves and, in the case of Convivium, of the integrated snack top, means that all activities can be carried out close to guests and family members, helping to transform the kitchen into a place capable of generating emotions and small rituals.

We are waiting for you in our showroom in via Boccaccio 11, Milan to discover the solution that best suits your tastes and needs among the Arclinea collections.


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