Arclinea Milan Design Week

Once again, Arclinea is able to make the most of the opportunity offered by the Milan Design Week, which from 18 to 23 April 2023 offered a unique stage for players in the design, furniture and architecture sector to present their new products.

For the occasion, Arclinea has set up a renovated space in its flagship store in via Durini 7 in which to bring together some of its main collections in a complex whole, aimed at demonstrating how the brand's kitchens are capable of constantly evolving, integrating elements different from each other, with the aim of helping the customer to obtain the desired and closest result to the needs.

Inevitably influenced by the vision of the designer Antonio Citterio, Arclinea has for years dedicated itself to the creation of real architectures for living in, combining quality, technical precision but, of course, also innovation in the way of understanding spaces.


The Arclinea space set up in the flagship store in via Durini 7 from 18 to 23 April, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2023, was an invitation to discover the brand's most popular proposals, but also to appreciate the design freedom that allows you to combine various elements between them in an extremely functional way, to shape an environment that increases the quality of daily life of those who live there.

Among the collections to know there are no doubt Convivium, Lignum et Lapis, Thea and the famous Italia model, each of them enhanced with its own distinctive features but, as per Arclinea tradition, also obtained from a synthesis of fundamental values for the brand, among which stand out the importance of compositional freedom, which allows you to create tailor-made projects, the choice of materials and the use of the most advanced techniques, as well as the desire to make the kitchen a convivial and meeting place, detaching it from the concept of a time that saw it as an environment used only for the preparation of food.


Arclinea's advantage is to develop systems capable of remaining open to change, which is achieved through the combination of furnishings, tools and shapes that seek to anticipate the evolution of cooking spaces, offering customers solutions that are as original as they are functional, therefore destined to last over time.

In fact, the high attention to design goes hand in hand with that dedicated to the functional aspect of each element, a combination that can be found in the Italia model, renewed by Arclinea starting from a great classic, but also in more modern collections such as Convivium and Thea.At the Milan Design Week 2023, we too would like to celebrate Arclinea thanks to the "This must be the place" concept held at the showroom in via Boccaccio 11, during which architecture, design and furniture professionals were able to see up close how the brand is constantly able to respond to new ways of understanding and experiencing the kitchen environment.


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    Via Boccaccio, 11
    20123 Milano (MI)


    15:00 - 19:00

    Martedì - Sabato
    10:00 - 19:00

    Domenica: Chiuso

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